I began taking photographs, much to the annoyance of my children, over 20 years ago as a parent taking photographs of first steps and birthday parties. As time passed, photography turned into a passion and I now take advantage of every opportunity to have a camera in my hand.
The style of photography I enjoy the most is live action. Whether it be a state championship lacrosse game, a local band crushing their set, or a backyard pre-prom party I believe the most genuine and beautiful photographs come when people are doing what comes naturally. Perhaps like you, I'll go back in time and look at photographs where everyone is lined up, posed, and smiling but those aren't usually the photographs I want hung on the walls of my home. The quick loving glance, the smile that happens after scoring in a game, those are the emotional images that tell the best stories and pull us in to relive those moments. That's the type of photographer I am.
I've photographed from the sidelines from sports fields, and indoor courts at most greater Raleigh area high schools and events facilities. I know how to get up close to the action without becoming a distraction to athletes and maintain everyone's safety at all times. Both working on behalf of a team or individually to photograph just one athlete, I believe sports photography needs to capture both the athleticism of the athlete and also the emotions they express in victory and defeat.
Music is an integral part of my life and I'm truly blessed to be able to create my art in collaboration with musicians. For personal enjoyment I work with music promoters and online music magazines to photograph some of the biggest names in all genres of music. Understanding just how hard it is for a band to find their big break, I also offer local and unsigned bands services to build a portfolio that communicates their brand and draws people into their music with powerful and exciting images.
Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you've spent some time viewing my portfolio. I truly enjoy what I do and I'm happy to share a little of my work with you. Please use the Contact form for questions about contracting availability, rates, and dates. 
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