Contract Photography Services
My specialization is unscripted events photography. My ideal client is one who wants natural, unposed photographs of an event that tell a positive and powerful visual story. Whether it be a sporting event, prom, concert, or private gathering my studio is wherever your story is happening.​​​​​​​
Sideline photography during live sporting events, capturing powerful and moving images of your student athlete performing on the court or in the field. 
Promote your band and build your image with live performance photographs taken from the stage and the pit. 
Remember special events such as family gatherings, parties, and prom. Posed photographs are inevitable and great, but the best photographs to truly remember an event are those that capture an honestly candid story of how people interacted and created new memories together.

Teams and Venues
Contact me for information regarding services such as season-long photography, recurring events, and on-call house photography.
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